This is a non-profit organization devoted to furthering the hiring, training, retention, and promotion of black females and females in general, in law enforcement.

N.O.B.W.L.E.’S objectives are to provide a support network for women in law enforcement, to encourage educational opportunities for minority females and to support the youth and community activities.

N.O.B.W.L.E promotes sisterhood and professionalism by preparing women, through education and training, to stay abreast of current theories and techniques and advance the science of law enforcement.

N.O.B.W.L.E. is supported by males and females of all colors in law enforcement and supports the development of the black family unit.

N.O.B.W.L.E. has actively participated and contributed to clothing and toy drives to needy children for numerous organizations; assisted and donated monies to sexual abuse centers; provide scholarships to students majoring in the field of law enforcement and supported other law enforcement organizations.


Objectives & Purpose